Reproductive Rights


Should reproductive rights be considered human rights? In this article, Paola A. Guzmán-Alejandro explores the development of reproductive rights through international documents and conferences. Already established human rights lie at the foundation of reproductive rights, yet thousands of violations to such rights keep happening. Around 295,000 women and girls die yearly from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Since local authorities are hesitant to hold themselves liable for reproductive rights’ violations, women are turning to international courts for justice. The author understands that there is a need for international organizations, such as the United Nations, to explicitly address reproductive rights in a binding instrument that sets forth the basic definitions, norms, and guidelines for governments to secure reproductive rights. Additionally, the article sets out the legal framework and current regulations that address reproductive rights in Puerto Rico. The author concludes by analyzing the impact Puerto Rico’s colonial status has on reproductive rights on the island.

Cita: Paola A. Guzmán Alejandro, Reproductive Rights, 89 Rev. Jur. UPR 249 (2020).